" The path led nowhere. nowhere apart from back to the aviary and that was the last place Jet wanted to go."
curse of the crow king - Robert Marks
"The desk clerk slumped over the stained stool like a sweaty slug on a scrap of wilted salad."
the apartment
"The heat was unbearable. Noah turned to look at the car. 
The remnants of a car anyhow. It was not a pleasant sight."
small accidents
"It wasn't that Mrs Kepper was mean spirited. It was just she had had too much sun and subsequently gave off a permanent impression of squinting rage."
small accidents
"He was a small man. This was accentuated by his habit of locating himself next to large people and objects. Mr. Russe thought it added gravitas. It did not."
The man in the wall 
"The bar was full of miscreants, losers and tourists who never left. Now middle aged, they still wore the fashions of twenty years prior. Threadbare and all too brief and in some cases downright criminal."
the butterfly club
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